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Open Data for the Campania Cultural Heritage

Final event of the “ Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation” projects in collaboration with Hetor

Some days ago, the University of Salerno held the final event of the “Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation” projects with the P.S. Mancini High School of Avellino.

During the event, the school presented the achieved results of the work done during their experience.

The aim of the students was the promotion of the Campania Cultural Heritage through the creation of a dataset – published with an open licence – and the realization of some articles that will be published on the Hetor website.

The final result was the creation of a dataset of the mathematical machines kept at the Museum of Mathematics “Il giardino di Archimede” in Avellino.

The students, divided into groups, first committed themselves to obtaining as much information as possible on the instrumentation kept in the museum, with the help of their tutor, Professor Stefania Guerriero, their math teacher.

The informations contained in the dataset are many: history of the machine, construction materials, dimensions, how it works and many others.