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Open Data suitable for all

The activities concern the promotion of the material and immaterial resources involving local communities and local associations, which are invited to participate in a collaborative partnership with HETOR project.

Citizens collaborate to collect data concerning their territory, co-creating datasets in order to reuse data and promote the Cultural Heritage. These resources can be tangible (artistic creations, built heritage such as buildings and monuments, and other physical or tangible products of human creativity that are invested with cultural significance in a society) and intangible (the practices, representations, expressions, local tales and songs, memories that communities recognize as part of their Cultural Heritage).

Local Associations involved in our project over the last three years::

  • LiveFisciano, an association located in Fisciano, in the province of Salerno. The participants worked on the SPOD Platform, co-creating a dataset on the Aristocratic Buildings of the local territory, collecting information about the origins of these structures and their actual use;
  • Youth Politics Observatory, an association located in Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno. The participants worked on the SPOD Platform in order to create a collection of data concerning their territory. In particular, they created a dataset about the characters to which the city streets are dedicated, titled Annotated street guide of Nocera Inferiore.

Among the various interventions conducted in collaboration with Hetor, a case of great relevance has been experienced in the town of Nocera Inferiore, situated in the province of Salerno, where a group of citizens participated to an Open Data Challenge, co-creating 12 datasets concerning the local resources.

Among the latest collaborations, there are:

  • Touring club italiano – Campania Region, that concerns the collection of Open Data related to a specific project named “Campania Touring Initiatives” and their subsequent publication on the website;
  • Campania Arts High school network, under the “Campania hidden treasures” project, aims at collecting and promoting these treasures. The objective is the publication of the collected information as Open Data on the website, with geographical coordinates and geo-referenced resources.