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Schools & Open Data

The collaboration with Hetor can be a great opportunity for students to recover the historical and collective memory of their Cultural Heritage.

All the activities are supported by our team using the social platform SPOD. In this way, students have also the opportunity to acquire new skills, managing data in tabular format and creating visualizations from datasets.

Schools involved in our project over the last three years:

  • P.S. Mancini High school – Avellino
  • G.B. Vico High school – Nocera Inferiore
  • A. Diaz High school – San Nicola La Strada
  • A.M. Maffucci High school – Calitri
  • Ferraris – Buccini High school – Marcianise
  • ProfAgri Salerno High school – sede di Castel San Giorgio
  • Besta – Gloriosi High school – Battipaglia
  • Leonardo Da Vinci High school – Sapri