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Salerno, Italia





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IG: progetto_hetor

The project aims to collect and make available both the “Open Heritage” provided by the National Institutions, such as ISTAT, MIBACT, MIUR and Campania Region, and the “Open Heritage” that can be created by the citizens themselves, concerning their own territories, improving the quality and quantity of Open Data available at local and national level.

To reach these goals, the project follows two main directions:

  • Reuse of data, using various formats (images, GIF, articles, quizzes) in order to vehicle the information collected on SPOD;
  • Dissemination of data, following a specific communication strategy that covers two main social networks, Facebook and Instagram, and a blog.

The HETOR activities stimulate the co-creation of cultural data and environmental resources via the use of a Social Platform for Open Data, SPOD.

The SPOD platform allows citizens to discuss, using free licensed data (available all over the world, in addition to that collected on the project repository), and to co-create contents related to their town, enhancing their local Cultural Heritage.