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Hetor project is devoted to stimulate local communities to co-create Open Data about Campania Cultural Heritage, to enhance local cultural and environmental resources, in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Salerno.

Hetor was born in 2016, as a pilot of the European Horizon 2020 Project ROUTE-TO-PA (Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies fOr Public Administrations), conducted in cooperation with the DATABENC Technological District (High Technology Consortium for Cultural Heritage) and it is based on the creation and accessibility of knowledge concerning Campania Cultural Heritage.

The main target of the project is the Campania Region. The objective of promotion and preservation of Cultural Heritage is realised in collaboration with schools, local communities and local Public Administrations, in order to stimulate their contributions about the “hidden” minor cultural and environmental resources located in the Campania Region:

  • Schools: The Hetor activities experienced in the educational context have been conducted within the ‘School-to-work transition Programme’, a national measure designed to prepare students to enter the job market. The collaboration with Hetor can be a great opportunity for students to recover the historical and collective memory of their Cultural Heritage through the Open Data world and to work on several topics related to their educational programme;
  • Communities: Citizens are voluntarily engaged, often by word-of-mouth and by personal relationships with others. They initiate their collaboration aiming to promote the local Cultural Heritage, collecting data concerning their territory;
  • PA: the engagement is directly with the Public Administration, that chooses to publish data about their resources in the cultural heritage but also about the local resources in general.