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Hetor is open to every community, school and citizen willing to take part in our project.

We are always looking for new challenges and initiatives.

Current activities:



  • New schools take part in our activities every year, under the ‘School-to-work transition Programme’, a national measure designed to prepare students to enter the job market. We are always looking for new collaborations, subject to the stipulation of a formal agreement with the IT Department at the Università degli Studi di Salerno.


28.05.2019 – Evento finale di presentazione dei lavori svolti dagli studenti


Agreements & collaborations with local PAs, Institutions and associations

  • Protocol Agreement with the Municipality of Nocera Inferiore for the experimentation of a multimedia placement in the Municipal Library, aimed at creating an Open Data based virtual Museum;
  • Protocol Agreement with the Campania Arts High school network  under the “Campania hidden treasures” project, aimed at publishing the Open Data collected on the platform;
  • Protocol Agreement with the Regional section of the Touring Club Italiano, aimed at collecting and promoting Open Data under the “Touring Club Campania initiatives” project;
  • Protocol Agreement with the Sophis Association, managing authority of the Museum of Operation Avalanche (MOA) project, for the collection and publication of data concerning geographical coordinates and geo-referenced resources.

Dataset “under construction”

  • Archaeological sites in Campania region
  • Churches in Campania region


Latest published datasets: