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Open Data Challenge: Nocera Treasure Hunt

Some days ago a new exciting initiative started, in collaboration with the Hetor Project: Open Data Challenge: Nocera Treasure Hunt.

The opening event has been held in the Municipal Library of Nocera Inferiore and it is part of the “Open Data for the Campania Region Cultural Heritage” project, organized by EU H2020 ROUTE-TO-PA Project within the DATABENC Technological district (High Technology Consortium for Cultural Heritage). 

The main objective concerns the Cultural Heritage of Nocera Inferiore, one of the greatest city situated in the province of Salerno, in the south of Italy.

The aim of the hunt is the promotion of the territory via the use of Open Data, co-creating a series of data freely accessible by anyone, which are able to tell a story about the city, revealing some new aspects that even local communities and native citizens didn’t know before!

Data will be collected on the Social Platform for Open Data SPOD, which allows interactions among citizens concerning the open datasets, discussing in private and public rooms.

The event hosted the Council member for Youth Culture and Politics Federica Fortino, Doctor Giuseppina Salomone, Medical director of Mental Health Department in Salerno, Professor Teresa De Caprio, School Head of G.B. Vico High School in Nocera Inferiore and the Professor Vittorio Scarano, from the IT Department – University of Salerno and ROUTE-TO-PA project coordinator.

Furthermore, numerous local associations and citizens have actively participated to the debate.

Discussion has been moderated by Ms Nicla Iacovino, the Municipal Library director.

If you like being challenged, visit our Facebook page or contact us to our email address: hetor@routetopa.eu.

Furthermore, we would like to remember you that SPOD is freely accessible to anyone.

Join us!


Carmela Luciano

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