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Hetor: la Campania da riscoprire

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Open Data for the Campania Cultural Heritage

Final event of the “School-to-work Transition” projects in collaboration with Hetor

Some days ago, the University of Salerno held the final event of the “School-to-work Transition” projects.

The schools involved in the Hetor activities presented the achieved results of the work done during their experience.

The aim of the students was the promotion of the Campania Cultural Heritage. The scholars contributed to the creation of a series of datasets – published with an open licence – and the realization of some articles published on the Hetor website.

During the opening sessions, Professor Vittorio Scarano, IT Department, University of Salerno and ROUTE-TO-PA project coordinator, EU Horizon 2020, welcomed the participants, praising them for the success of the activities.

The event hosted some important national and international personalities of the Open Data world:

  • Francesca De Chiara (The Govlab Fellow at New York University & Researcher at Digital Commons Lab, Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Open Data expert since 2011, showed a video about the Open Government Partnership, in order to explain the origins of the debate around the Open Data and how governments use the public data to solve daily life problems, mentioning some collaborative platforms for the production of Open Data, such as OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia;
  • Conchita D’Ambrosio (ROUTE-TO-PA Ethical Advisor, Economics Professor at the University of Luxembourg), producer and user of Open Data, analyses how some particular events influence people, using and producing Open Data. During her speech, she pointed out the role of the students that have to face a considerable challenge due to the changes occurred to the world of work, and how experiences like that, which connect new technologies with Open Data, can be useful for them.
  • Jerry Andriessen (Wise & Munro – ROUTE-TO-PA WP 5 coordinator, The Hague, NL) showed the changes occurred to the ROUTE-TO-PA project over the years, analysing in particular the importance of the pilots’ activities.

Afterwards, the students took the floor, presenting their School-to-work transition experience in collaboration with Hetor.

The schools involved in the Hetor activities are:

  • I.I.S. “A.M. Maffucci” High School – Calitri (Av)
  • I.I.S.S. “G.B. Vico” High School – Nocera Inferiore (Sa)
  • I.S.I.S. “Ferraris – Buccini” High School – Marcianise (Ce)
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale “A. Diaz” High School – San Nicola La Strada (Ce)
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale “P.S. Mancini” High School – Avellino (Av)
  • “ProfAgri Salerno” High School – separate branch of Castel San Giorgio (Sa)


Students realized 36 datasets:







In a second phase, students presented the posters, expressly created for the event, to the participants, explaining the process of datasets’ realization, from the sources research to the creation of the dataset and datalets.


At the conclusion of the posters’ presentation, Mirjam Pardijs (Wise & Munro,  e Learning research For understanding practices of learning, The Hague, NL), and Jerry Andriessen, praised the students for their works, emphasising the importance of their role within the ROUTE-TO-PA project and their abilities in using the SPOD Platform in a very productive way.

At the end of the event, Professor Vittorio Scarano congratulated the schools on their achieved results, conferring to each school a certificate of merit.