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“Mancini” High School: A successful story

Some days ago, 20 students of the Mancini High School in Avellino presented their results concerning the collaboration with Hetor Project.

This has been a great opportunity for students to discover the Open Data world through the recovery of the historical and collective memory about their local Cultural Heritage.

All the activities have been realized using the social platform SPOD. In this way, students had also the opportunity to acquire new skills managing data in tabular format and creating visualizations from datasets.



The students co-created four datasets, divided in small groups:

  • Central Political Registry for the province of Avellino;
  • Trademarks of Industry, Trade and Crafts in the province of Avellino;
  • Irpinia Museum, section “Mefite”;
  • Irpinia Museum, section “Epigraphs.

They also presented their articles published on the Hetor website, in which they analysed data collected in a preliminary work phase.

The success of this experience can be demonstrated by the student’s conclusions:

“We achieved the goal of the Hetor project, which is also ours: transform a series of data without a precise meaning in a story to be told, that can be shared and understandable by everybody, in order to promote our local resources. This is the right way to connect technologies with the Cultural Heritage”


Furthermore, at the event, the school hosted Dott.ssa Elena Gaudio, a high official from the Ministry of Education, Prof.ssa Clementina Cantillo, from the University of Salerno and dott. Felice Russillo Board of Directors of DATABENC, who have actively participated during the day, praising the students’ works.